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       [Name] had met the pudding headed boy through some silly online game about medieval times with a dash of magic. In the beginning they simply played together. Neither really thinking about the other, they both were just glad they had someone to help with combos. They never talked or acknowledged the others presence. After playing along side one another for a while they eventually started to communicate.
    The one to start communications was [Name]. She messaged him through the small, and should I say, crappy chat that the creators of the game had set up for the players. Not many people used it, this was the first time [Name] had ever used it, but it certainly wasn't her last.
 [Name-slayer] : We've played together for a while so I thought it was time I said hi.
 [Kenma-Wizard] : Um, hi.
 [Name-slayer] : I'm [Last name] [First name], but you can call me [First name].
 [Kenma-Wizard] : Kozume Kenma
        ~Kenma-Wizard has gone offline~
    That semi awkward encounter was the first time the two of you ever spoken, it was not your last.
 It was difficult for her to coax him to speak to her. At first she just thought he was a shy person, but she had come to find out that he just kinda like human interaction very much, nor did he like attention. At first his lack of replies bugged the girl, but over time it became the norm.
    Over the span of a few weeks the two talked none stop. In the beginning Kenma's replied were rather short. If [Name] has asked a question like, "How was your day?" The reply would be a simple, "Fine." And that was it. She developed little ways to get longer replies, liking asking him a question about things he liked. The only thing she was for sure he like was video games. So, she asked about those. She asked him what kind he liked the most, what his favorite game was, the basic questions really. Day after day the two talked about the same old things. Kenma grew accustom to the many questions, he even began to talk a bit more. He even asked her a few questions now and then. [Name] learned a few new things about him, like the fact that he was a setter on the Nekoma Highschool's volleyball team.
    The two teens grew attached to one another, looking forward to speaking to the other after their school activities were through. Secretly [Name] started to develop a small crush on the setter. But she knew that she would never be able to tell him that. Kenma lived a great distance away from her. If she were to confess her feelings to him and he liked her back, the long distance relationship would never work out. It pained her, talking to him everyday, hiding her feelings from him, rather poorly I might add. There were days she just wanted to tell him how much she liked him, but she was always too scared of the reply, so she never did. She would type it out, "Kenma-kun, I like you." but the message always sat there for a moment, and then it was erased. Every single time.
    Today was one of those days, she had the message typed out like usual, "Kenma-kun, I really like you. And I don't mean like a friend, I mean I like like you." She stared at it for a moment. "Should I send it?" She asked herself allowed. She then shook her head, answering her own question. If people saw this they'd probably think she's crazy, talking to herself, how strange. She pressed what she thought was the backspace key. She expected for the words to slowly disappear. But, to her surprise all the letters disappeared at once. She stared in horror as she realized the mistake she had made. She pressed enter instead of backspace and sent the message! Half of her was panicking. The other half of her was overjoyed. She finally did it, she said was she had been thinking for a long time. "Oh no!" She hissed, frantically slamming her hands against the laptop, trying to find a way to delete the message that was sent.
    She looked with dismay as she realized that there was absolutely no way she would be able to retrieve the message before he had the chance to read it. She put her face in her hands and leaned her elbows on her desk and waited for the dreaded reply.
    The soft ping of the chat went off not too long afterwards.

[Kenma-Wizard] : I like you too, [Last name] - chan.

Gaming Partners {Kozume Kenma x Reader One-Shot}
I had a lot of fun writing this! I hope you don't mind the lack of dialog, Kenma is a bit hard to write for in my opinion.
I absolutely adore Kenma and I think there should be as much fanfiction for him as possible.
I hope you liked this! Please comment telling me how I can improve, thanks.
Oc hair design by sousaki
Oc hair design
Working on hair deisgns for my oc Arlo. I really like this hair style the best and I think it suits him.
Sorry for the bad picture quality! It was taken on a shitty phone ;-;
[Name] silently sits alone on the couch in the Dan's super special hideout. She became member a few months ago after being dragged here by a friend, Momo Kisaragi. She was now the tenth member of the organization.

Its currently very late evening, around 2:30 a.m. [name] was having a difficult time trying to sleep in her room. The walls between the rooms are quite thin you see and the person who owns the room beside her, Kano, has a very loud snore. "I'm surprised his loud ass isn't shaking the whole hideout!" You grumble out loud. You hadn't been this tired in a very long time. You were tired, lonely, and just plain annoyed at the world. So here you sat in a puddle of hate on the Dan's couch. You thought you be able to sleep on it but through further investigations you found that it was quite uncomfortable. "I'm going to kick his ass tomorrow, I swear." You practically growl. "[Name]?" Someone's voice calls out to you, slightly unsure of they called the correct person's name. Looking over your shoulder you notice a female with long green hair. Instantly you recognize the female as the leader of the dan. "Oh, hi Kido." You greet lazily. She walks over to you slowly and softly takes a seat beside you on the couch. "What are you doing up at this time a night?" She asks as sleepiness trails through her voice. "Kano is snoring like a snow blower and I cant sleep." You reply grumpily. "I see. Why're you out here on the couch of all places?" You blink slowly, taking your time to comprehend the question that was asked. It's harder for you to think when you're tired "I thought I'd be able to fall asleep here but this couch feels like bones." The greenette nods her head, her hair falls forward a bit. "You could've just come to my room, my door is always open for you, [name]." A pink tint rises to your cheeks after you hear those words. "O-oh. Thank you, k-kido." You slip and stumble over your words. It was obvious to her that her words had made you embarrassed. "You're welcome." She stands from the couch and moves in front of you. She leans down to your eye level while saying, "But you have no reason to thank me. I'm not gonna let you stay in my room for free." Her face slowly got closer and closer to yours, as it did your cheeks heated up like ovens. Quickly, her lips pressed into yours. For a split second you were numb, you had no idea how to react to this. Slowly, you returned the kiss, your lips moving in sync with her's. Just as its heating up she pulls her lips from yours. Her cheeks had turned a shade of crimson that put tomatos to shame. "S-so, wanna go t-to bed now?" She stutters quickly. Gently smiling you nod you head. "Sure!"

/ violent laughter
This is so lame I'm sorry./
Late Nights [Kido Tsubomi x reader]
This was written in the wee hours of the morning
this is what some might call a mess


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